La Maison Absolution

La Maison Absolution

La Maison Absolution

Cosm-ethic Shop and Treatment room

30, rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris

Metro stations: République or Jacques Bonsergent

Opening hours:

Monday: 11am to 7 pm

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:30am to 7pm

Tel: +33 (0)1 40 18 36 94

The shop

Absolution welcomes you to its Maison in the heart of Paris, near the Canal Saint-Martin. Here you'll find our boutique, treatment room, workshop area and offices. You can (re)discover our range of certified-organic skincare and bodycare, take a look at our Sweet & Safe makeup range, developed in partnership with Christophe Danchaud, learn about our Mix & Match method, or entrust your skin to the expert hands of Elodie and Virginie. Beauty is such a beautiful thing to share…

Absolution offers a different approach to beauty, aimed at all those for whom Effectiveness, Honesty, Ecology and Creativity are not simply marketing concepts. We love to meet our customers, and we want the Maison Absolution to be a place where people like to stop by – and maybe even stay for a chat! Helping you to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin is our small contribution to making the world a better place. Welcome to chez nous!

Le spa
Le spa

The treatment room

Facial treatments

The Soin Signature Sur-Mesure [Customized Signature] treatment 60 min €90

This one-hour treatment delivers both immediate and long-lasting results. It combines exclusive blends of organic plants, wild flowers, minerals and natural vitamins with an anti-aging and detoxifying technique. There are two different versions of this technique, so it can be adapted to your state of mind at the time of the treatment.

In this protocol, we use shiatsu to balance energies, Japanese drainage techniques to eliminate toxins and boost circulation of fluids, and other techniques aimed at reactivating cell renewal and rebalancing energies.

The effectiveness of our products is maximized by a self-heating mask that accelerates absorption of the active ingredients and smoothes out the skin. Immediately after the treatment, the effects are visible. Your skin looks smoother, more radiant and feels plumped. Fine lines are smoothed and your complexion looks more even-toned. It's as if you were lit up from within!

Le Soin Absolu treatment 90 min €135

Combining the techniques and benefits of the personalized treatment with those of the Vitalité Regard eye-contour treatment, Le Soin Absolu promises the perfect beauty experience. Ideal to help you recover after a long journey, to give you the glow you deserve before an important meeting or evening out, or just for the pleasure! Designed to banish toxins, drain away fluids and boost the mechanisms of youthful skin, this all-encompassing treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and confident.

Le Soin Lift (Lift Treatment) 70 min, €110

Over time, with the effects of gravity and the slowing down of cellular functions, facial contours begin to sag. This particularly effective treatment offers both relaxing and energizing benefits. It helps to improve radiance and muscle tone, works to tone up the skin (integumentary system), significantly reduces the
appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and resculpts facial contours. Each muscle of the face is worked on manually, to stimulate it, increase oxygen delivery, drain away toxins, and harmonize the flows of energy.

The Beauty Routine 30 min €50

Ideal for men and women who are always in a hurry. Based on the protocol for the Signature treatment, this quick beauty treat aims to keep the skin in top condition. It may be shorter, but it's very effective.

The Peau Nette [Clear Skin] treatment: for temperamental skin 45 min €55

Designed for temperamental, blemish-prone skin that suffers from problems such as blackheads, spots and redness. The protocol combines Japanese smoothing strokes with techniques specially designed to detoxify the skin and activate cell renewal.

The Peau Calme [Calm Skin] treatment: for easily irritated skin 45 min €70

This treatment is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin that suffers from feelings of tightness and/or redness. The protocol combines soothing and moisturizing active ingredients with drainage and gentle pumping techniques, to calm the skin and help reduce sensitivity. Immediately, skin feels soothed, protected and comfortable. After this treatment, we recommend using the La Cure Peau Calme routine for two weeks at home.

The Eye Contour Awakening Treatment 50 min €70

Looking after your eyes means looking after yourself. This protocol combines a shiatsu eye massage to harmonize the flow of fluids, draining techniques to eliminate toxins and boost cell renewal, and relaxing techniques with effects equivalent to those of a good night’s sleep. The eye area is detoxified, with instant results on puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles, and you feel absolutely relaxed...

Body treatments

The Body Re-Start treatment 75 min €110

Ideal for banishing jet lag or helping you to recover from a marathon shopping session, this treatment works to cleanse cells, relieve muscular and psychological tensions, boost lymphatic circulation, detoxify the skin, harmonize energies and reenergize your mind. Its absolutely unique treatment protocol uses re-laxing manual techniques (stretching, foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage), combined with breathing techniques and enveloping movements for a feeling of complete well-being. After the treatment, you feel relaxed with a soft, moisturized and toned skin. Mind feels lighter, body energized.

All our massages are non-medical.

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