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Our amazing ingredients

You'd probably like to know more about what's in our products. Do you want to know all about the plants we use and their (genuinely!) fantastic powers? Perhaps you'd like to understand why you can entrust your skin (and your health) to medicinal plants? We tell all here!

Cotton Oil

Cotton oil has deeply nourishing, regenerating and healing properties. Read more


Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus improving skin’s elasticity and tone. Read more

Codium Seaweed

Restructures, enhances skin hydration while increasing its ability to trap moisture. Read more


Ylang-Ylang essential oil is known in aromatherapy for its amazing soothing properties. Read more

Castor Oil

Extracted from castor seeds (Ricinus Communis), it is fortifying and does wonders on the nails, lashes, eyebrows and... Read more

Desert Date oil

A unique, incredibly light feel, and a naturally high essential fatty acid content. Fatty acids help to rebuild the... Read more


Restructures, nourishes, protects and soothes skin and lips. Read more

Gamma Oryzanol

Gamma Oryzanol is an active ingredient extracted from Rice Bran oil that boasts excellent antioxidant properties (it... Read more

Acai Berry

Açaí oil is rich in phenolics, which are able to trap free radicals and combat the damaging effects of oxidative stress. Read more


Honokiol is an active ingredient derived from Magnolia and is famous in Eastern medicine for its antioxidant properties. Read more


Silica is perfect for minimizing the appearance of pores and setting makeup. Read more

Corn Starch

Corn Starch helps to absorb and control sebum, to prevent caking, while its soothing properties make it ideal for... Read more

Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy, also known as Blue Chamomile, grows throughout Europe, and particularly in Mediterranean regions. It was... Read more


Ideal for skin detox and clearing the complexion. It promotes cell growth, helps to tighten tissues and can soothe... Read more


Rhodiola increases skin's resistance to chemical, physical and biological aggressors, helps to reduce blemishes,... Read more


Myrtle has purifying, astringent and softening properties. It helps to rid skin of impurities, keep it balanced,... Read more


Burdock root is perfect for fighting impurities. Its tannins have an astringent effect and help to tighten pores and... Read more

Atlantic Wakame

Works to restore skin’s density, with Atlantic Wakame, or Alaria esculenta – a brown seaweed found in the cold waters... Read more


 Smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines, with Pomegranate seed oil. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamins B and C, polyphenols... Read more

Poet's Narcissus

 Evens out skin tone, with Poet’s Narcissus. Known for its medicinal properties since ancient times, Poet’s Narcissus... Read more


This primitive plant has a rich and complex composition, which makes it a classic ingredient in pharmacopoeia. Its... Read more

Resurrection plant

Named for its ability to come back to life with the first drop of rain. Rich in polyphenols, it helps to protect... Read more

Apricot oil

Rich in Vitamins A and E and omega 3, Apricot oil is known for its anti-aging properties. An excellent emollient, it... Read more

Abyssinian oil

This rare botanical oil is often used in hair care products and valued for its coating and nourishing properties. Read more


This wild berry is packed with Vitamin C (20 times richer than an orange), so it really revitalizes! It's perfect for... Read more

Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturizes and helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Read more


Native to the Indian Ocean region, this plant has muscle-relaxing properties. It smoothes out wrinkles and fine... Read more


The gentle action of AHAs, extracted from Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Cane Sugar and Maple Sugar, stimulates epidermal... Read more


Alfalfa Sprout extract helps to restore density to the skin. It is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins (A, B, C,... Read more

Nori Seaweed

Fights dark spots thanks to the active ingredient Helionori®, which offers a new alternative to chemical sunscreens.... Read more

Aloe Vera

One of the most widely used medicinal plants, Aloe Vera is used to treat burns, including sunburn, to heal wounds and... Read more


This ultra-gentle oil is very pleasant to apply and leaves skin looking velvety and feeling soft. It has emollient... Read more

Amaranth Extract

Rich in lipid components, including nourishing and softening squalane and sterols, it helps to protect the skin and... Read more

Tea Tree

This natural essence comes from the land of Australia and its benefits are indisputable! Gentle on the skin, Tea Tree... Read more

Argan Oil

Rich in Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids, its oil helps to restore the skin's hydrolipidic film and increases the... Read more

Micronized Silver

This natural shield works to regulate and stabilize skin microflora and prevent the development of undesirable... Read more

White Clay

Absorbs impurities and tightens pores, without drying the skin. Read more


Rich in nourishing and hydrating proteins, oat is the perfect ingredient for sensitive and reactive skin.... Read more

Bamboo Shoot extract

This extract contains silica, which works by mimicking the cellular cement, promotes calcium binding and stimulates... Read more


The seeds yield an oil rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E that helps the skin to fight free radicals. Read more

BioEcolia® extract

This prebiotic helps to rebalance, maintain and stimulate the skin's ecoflora – the body's first line of defense... Read more


The hydrosol obtained from this plant with blue or mauve flowers has long been known as a cure-all. Used in eye... Read more

Birch Sap

Particularly rich in tannins, Birch Sap makes a superb detox ingredient. It purifies the skin and helps to soothe... Read more

Beech Bud

It increases cellular oxygen consumption, improving protein synthesis. Cellular cohesion is strengthened; the skin's... Read more

Green Coffee

With its draining and lipolytic action, it helps to prevent puffiness and swelling below the eyes. Read more


Calcium helps to improve cell renewal and strengthen epidermal cohesion, so that skin regenerates effectively. Read more


The extract taken from this medicinal flower is known for its softening and healing properties. Read more

Black Crowberry

This wild berry from Lapland is exceptionally rich in anti-free radical polyphenols and flavonoids, which are known... Read more

Roman Chamomile

The flower heads help to combat stress, including skin stress, by calming irritations and reactions. Chamomile is... Read more

Centella Asiatica

This plant has been used in traditional medicine for over 2,000 years, to improve the healing process. Read more

Safflower oil

Loved by sensitive and reactive skin, Safflower oil is rich in vitamin K. This vitamin intervenes in the process of... Read more

Hemp Seeds

The oil extracted from hemp seeds is rich in omega 3 and 6, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. It helps to... Read more

Activated Charcoal

The use of activated charcoal goes back to ancient times; it was used by the Egyptians for its many medicinal... Read more

Chaulmoogra Oil

Commonly used in Asian medicine, it contains rare fatty acids that are known to soothe irritated and damaged skin. It... Read more


This freshwater microalga works to rebuild collagen and restore density to connective tissues. It also helps to firm... Read more

Carnauba wax

Carnauba wax (Copernica Cerifera) is entirely natural and comes from Brazil. Read more


Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which gives it natural moisturizing, soothing and nourishing properties. It envelops the... Read more

Coconut oil

The oil that keeps on giving! Coconut oil is a marvel of nature that not only delights with its delicious scent, but... Read more

Arrabidaea Chica

This ancient shrub from the Amazon region is still used daily by the native Indians to protect the skin and treat... Read more


This microorganism found in the oceans provides mechanical exfoliation. The fine granules, with their rounded form,... Read more


This magnificent flower helps to strengthen the skin's defense system. Rich in polysaccharides and historically used... Read more

Oak Bark extract

The tannins in this extract are used for their astringent properties, to help tighten skin tissues and effectively... Read more


Rich in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid, Edelweiss is a plant from cold regions that boasts many skincare benefits.... Read more

Prickly Pear Flower oil

is a rare and precious oil that's very rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It helps to regenerate... Read more

Elderberry flower

This calming and softening ingredient protects against skin stress. It has emollient properties and contains... Read more


Its invigorating properties are dramatically enhanced when it's combined with remineralizing and firming Bamboo. Read more


Rich in mucilage, which traps moisture, this emollient ingredient is incredibly softening and perfect for improving... Read more

Witch Hazel

Astringent and refreshing, it tones the skin, boosts microcirculation and helps to firm tissues. Read more


Helichrysum hydrosol, with circulatory and healing properties, helps to even out skin tone and prevent the appearance... Read more


Hyssop extract is known to soothe sensitive or irritated skin, reduce redness and relieve skin irritations. Read more

Jojoba Oil

Both calming and softening, this easily absorbed oil sinks into the skin without leaving a greasy feel. It protects... Read more

Shea Butter

With moisturizing and repairing properties, shea butter helps to combat skin aging, prevent stretch marks and protect... Read more


This repairing ingredient is rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), which contribute to the formation of the... Read more

Blue Lotus

The stem cells of this plant fight glycation (a phenomenon that prevents the renewal of collagen fibers), thus... Read more


Maca boasts exceptional nourishing properties and contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and flavonoids. It... Read more


A natural anti-stress mineral, it inhibits muscle micro-contractions, which, over time, cause wrinkles and fine lines... Read more


The sap of this tree fern from New Zealand has long been used by the Maoris for its healing properties. A powerful... Read more

Blue Daisy

Used greatly in Morocco for its soothing properties, Blue Daisy, also known as alypon (which means "soothes pain")... Read more


The seeds of this tree from South Africa yield an oil that contains eight times more Vitamin C than an orange. A... Read more


This revitalizing ingredient contains numerous minerals and vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, K) that help to revive the skin. Read more

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm essential oil both purifies and regulates, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. Read more


It invigorates, nourishes, softens and soothes. Rich in sugar, vitamins and amino acids, honey promotes skin... Read more

St John's Wort

St John's Wort extract is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This skin softener... Read more


Neroli hydrosol has a calming, reassuring scent that can help you to fall asleep, so it's perfect before bedtime!... Read more

Evening Primrose oil

Rich in linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, this oil helps to rebuild the skin barrier, support skin cell... Read more


Its extract helps to soothe the skin and acts at the base of lashes, to strengthen them.  Read more

Wild Pansy

Loved by reactive skin, wild pansy helps to improve the skin's repair process. An excellent detox ingredient, it... Read more

Raspberry Seed oil

Rich in omega 3, omega 6 and Vitamin E, it helps to fight the effects of aging and keep skin supple and radiant. Read more


Native to the Middle East, this medicinal plant yields an oil with incredible nourishing properties, rich in omega 3... Read more

Apple extract

Rich in antioxidants and omega 3 – a combination that provides intense hydration and enables cell membranes to... Read more

Poria Cocos

This powerful fungus is widely used in medicine in the Far East. It's believed to be present in 10% of traditional... Read more


A regulator of cellular exchanges, it helps to prevent puffy eyes in the morning. Read more


Pracaxi oil is simply bursting with benefits! It nourishes without leaving an oily film on the face, helps to improve... Read more


This plant resin, collected by bees, is known to be a potent purifying ingredient. It also stimulates skin regeneration. Read more

Blond Psyllium

Very rich in mucilage, and with excellent soothing and softening properties, this plant boasts numerous benefits.... Read more

Licorice extract

This soothing ingredient helps to reduce redness. It also inhibits tyrosinase, responsible for dark spots. It is rich... Read more


To detoxify your skin. This elegant perennial can be found in abundance near rivers and springs. It boasts excellent... Read more

Volcanic Rhyolite

This ingredient both remineralizes and detoxifies. The exfoliating action of this scrub is provided by the fine... Read more

Rose Hip oil

Rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, it has a regenerating and antioxidant action. Read more


This antiseptic herb promotes healing and has regenerating properties: it helps to prevent premature skin aging,... Read more

White Willow

White willow bark contains salicylic acid, which is known to stimulate skin cell renewal, smooth the skin and help... Read more

Alpine Skullcap

Some of its components stimulate beta-endorphins in the skin – also known as feel-good molecules. With its... Read more

Malt Secrets™

This barley sprout extract is rich in polyphenols and protects cells against external aggressions thanks to its... Read more


Rich in fatty acids, this oil helps to regenerate skin and soothe irritations. Read more

Sodium PCA

This humectant occurs naturally in the skin and increases epidermal hydration by trapping moisture in cells. Read more

Rice Bran oil

This oil contains a multitude of antioxidant molecules and is known to help protect skin against aging and... Read more


This freshwater microalga is very rich in plant proteins, amino acids, minerals (iron, magnesium) and Vitamins (A,... Read more

Tamanu oil

Well known in Polynesia, Tamanu oil is renowned for its regenerating properties and its ability to help balance... Read more


Used by the Mayans and known as the "skin tree," tepezcohuite is rich in tannins and anti-free radical... Read more

Green Tea

A powerful antioxidant, it protects skin against free radicals, which destroy collagen and elastin. Read more

Thermus Thermophilus

This bacteria (a healthy one!) lives in the sea, at a depth of over 2 km, and boasts exceptional self-protection... Read more


Both softening and soothing, it restores suppleness to very dry and sensitive skin. Read more


A gemstone from metamorphic rock, full of energy, it fights dark circles by improving microcirculation. Read more

Snow Mushroom

According to legend, the concubine Yang Guifei owed her beauty to this Chinese mushroom. Boasting exceptional... Read more


Native to India, Tulsi is known for its purifying, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Its detoxifying action... Read more


This purifying trace element helps to prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin and neutralize free radicals. It... Read more

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