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Terms and Conditions

Registration: Only registered participants may attend the Adria Security Summit 2017 Powered by Intersec. All participants must confirm their attendance by submitting the registration application which is available on the website of the Summit. After the registration, you will receive a confirmation of attendance and detailed instructions about the Adria Security Summit program. Sponsors, partners and exhibitors are provided with coupons that grant them a discount on the registration fee.

The registration fee does not include accommodation costs. When booking hotel accommodation, please state that you are a participant of the Adria Security Summit 2017 conference and exhibition, and use the forms available on the website which automatically assign codes to the summit guests.

The deadline for the participation registration for the Adria Security Summit 2017 is 10 September 2017. The registration of media companies, students or other interested people is done specifically and the organizer has the right to ban presence for some people, organizations and legal authorities.

One-day visit: If you want to register for one-day visit to the exhibition area of the Adria Summit, please contact us on our email

Cancellation: Cancellations received in writing by (15.08.2017.) are entitled to full refund of the registration fee (minus EUR 20 for the administrative expenses). No refund will be provided after this date.

Payment: Payments can be made by bank transfer or through PayPal account. Checks will not be accepted. All delegates are advised to pay the full price prior to the event, in order to avoid any delays in collecting their accreditations and other material.

Participant Substitution: A participant who paid the registration fee, can be replaced by a colleague at no extra cost, but he/she has to provide the organizers, that will make standard registration of a substitute, with substitute's information.

Parking: Parking lot is available in front of the hotel at a price of 5 € per day for Resort guests i 4€/hour for other participants, but there is also a free public parking lot just across the hotel (100m).

Accreditations: Accreditations with full names will be made for each participant and the registration will take place at the entrance to the conference premises on Tuesday, 12. September 2017, from 6 PM to 9 PM and on Wednesday, 13. September 2017, from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

Cloakroom: Cloakroom is situated at the entrance to the convention center, near the conference rooms.  You can leave your coats, umbrellas and similar things inside. Please keep in mind that the valuable items and suitcases will not be accepted.

Food and beverage: Lunch and coffee breaks will be organized according to Conference agenda.

Simultaneous interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation will be available in the conference part and you will receive a headset at the entrance to the conference facility. You will be required to hand over your ID card to receive a headset. You will be charged 220 euros for each missing or lost headset.

Mobile phones: In order to avoid interruption of speakers and visitors, please put your mobile phones on silent during the conference presentations.

Evaluation Forms: Please fill the evaluation forms, which are available on Adria Security Summits’ official Android and IOS application.

Medical personnel services: Paramedics will be available at the convention center during the conference. In case that you need medical assistance, please notify the officers at the entrance to the conference premises or in conference rooms.

Lost property: if you lose any of your belongings in the conference center, please notify the officers at the entrance to the conference premises.

We look forward to meeting you

Adria Security Summit 2017

Basic information

Company address

I did not attend the Summit in the past
(The question is not referred to sponsors / exhibitors) In Bank payment
Payment on spot
Special condition: in agreement with the organizer

Additional information


Advertisment (Magazine, Newspapper, Online banner)
Email (From organizer; From exhibitor)
News article
Online media (Internet search, Social media, Blogs)
Printed invitation
Phone call from Organizer
Attended previous edition
Via Business Relation / Collegue
Other (Specify)

Less than 100,000
100,000 – 1 million
1 million - 5 millions
More than 5 millions

BiH Association of Security Managers (UMSBiH)
Croatian Security Association (HCZ)
Chamber for the Development of Slovenian Private Security
Chamber of Republic of Macedonia for Private Security
Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers (SAMKB)
Romanian Association for Security Technique

1 - 9 employees
10 - 49 employees
50 - 99 employees
100 - 499 employees
500 - 999 employees
More than 1000+ employees

Purchase or source products
Collect market information
Look for distribution / dealership opportunity
Meet new / potential business partner
Meet an existing supplier / Business partner
Other (Specify)

Technical protection
Physical protection
Technical and physical protection
Engineering and Architecture
Communications / Transportation
IT Industry
Energy and Environement
Manufacturing and Industry
Other (Specify)

Less than 1 year
1 – 10 years
Over 10 years

Import / Export
Media / Press
Service Provider
System Installers
System Integrator
End-User and Buyer
Technical and physical protection of people and assets
Consulting / Projectants